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Review: Heat





Title: Heat

Series: Club Inferno book 1

Author: Jamie K. Schmidt

Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM

Heat: 4.5 stars , almost catching fire

Source: ARC provided by NetGalley







"Heat" brings the story of Mallory, an ER doctor that is on the run from her ex-fiance. After two months of running she decides that she needs help. Mallory finds a place to stay with her sister, but the place is much more than what she has ever expected and it comes with a personal bodyguard that is hotter than sin. During her stay at "Couture" Mallory enters a journey of self-discovery and sexual heat. Along the way she battles some inner struggles and a couple of outside war. Is she ready for a new beginning? Or does her past catches up with her?

The author has created an easy fast-paced romance. The two-sided club is an interesting concept and she introduces BDSM to her readers in a light way.

Her characters are interesting and have room to grow in a second book of the series.

The plot of the story was well conceived and it kept me guessing along the way. I've also enjoyed the humor of the book. I had quite a fun time reading it.

The sex heat was really good, with a couple of great scenes.

I believe this story could really happen in the real world.

As romances go, this one was quite predictable, but I also think the author has thrown in a few small twists in the way to keep the flow of the story.

Personally, I felt the BDSM was a bit loose in the plot, and Max as a Dom left me confused a few times. I just wanted to see him dominating more his environment, but I understood that he was portrait as the caring boyfriend and he was afraid that his dominant side would scare Mallory away.

I'm looking forward to read the following books. I've enjoyed the authors "easy-going way of writing" and I believe she has presented us with several others characters that could be explored. in the future.

I also think Ms. Schimidt has created a nice BDSM club, and has room to explore the world of BDSM a lot more.

I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a hot romance story with a bit of kinky thrown in.

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  1. Oo sounds pretty good other than his not being a strong dom. Still sounds good though. Always looking for a new BDSM-y read. And gah yum on the cover!