Reviews by Authors


Angel, April
Stranded Temptation

Anne, Melody
The Tycoon's Revenge

Ashgrove, Claire
Bound by Decency

Aurora, Bella

Avalon, Lindsey
Breaking the Nexus


Barnette, Abigail
The Boss
The Bride
The Girlfriend

Blair, Samantha
Generational Sins

Blevins, Candace
Safeword Davenport
Safeword Rainbow

Blue, Melissa
Weekend Lover

Burns, Monica
Love's Portrait

Burton, Jaci
The Perfect Play


Camaron, Chelsea
One Ride

Carreiro, Tina
Power of the Moon

Cicero, Mari K.

Claire, Nicola

Cooper-Posey, Tracy
Blood Knot

Crane, Shelly

Cryer, Jena
His Black Pearl

Cunning, Olivia
Backstage Pass


Dawn, Jayne

Dominguez, Ella
Hard Candy for Christmas

Downing, Mia
Just Ask
Trained for Seduction


Edwards, Xavier
A Man for the Season
Satin & Oak

Ellis, Madelynne
All Night Long


Fanetti, Susan
Move the Sun

Felthouse, Lucy
Stately Pleasures

Fox, Michelle
Make her Howl


Grey, Sofia
Come to Me

Grey, T.A.
Breeding Cycle


Halliday, Gemma
Christmas in High Heels

Halston, Sidney
Against the Cage

Hart, Megan

Havens, Houston
Sinful Surrender

Hawthorne, A.J.
Dillon's Gift

Hayse, Breanna
The Game Plan

Hunter, Aline
Make Me Shiver


Ione, Larissa
Pleasure Unbound


Jackson, Myla
Trouble with Harry

Jamieson, Kelly
Hot Ride

Joseph, Annabel
Cait and The Devil


Kery, Beth
Because II am Yours

Khan, Mina
The Djinn's Dilemma


Lane, Nina
The Erotic Dark

Lazu, Sotia
Cherry Stem

Lee, T.C
Assume the Position

Leo, Rosanna
Predator's Kiss


Mallory, Malia
His Need, Her Desire

Mancini, Emilia
The Rebound

Millard, Monica
Children of the Gods

Moore, Elizabeth
Brotherhood of Fire


Oak, Sophie
Siren in the City (sirens 2)


Phoenix, Red
Brie Learns the Art of Submission: Submissive Training Center
Sensual Erotica: The Erotic Love Story of Amy and Troy
Varick: The Reluctant

Prevot, Gabrielle
Old Lovers, New Money


Reine, S.M.
Caged Wolf

Reynolds, D.B.
Jabril (VIA 2)

Rhodes, Silvia
At His Request 1
At His Request 2

Ryan, Carrie Ann
An Alpha's Path (Redwood Pack 1)
A Taste for a Mate (Redwood Pack 2)

Santiago, Lara
Sex or Suffer

Scott, J.S.
The Pleasure of his Punishment collection

Scott, Talyn
Captiva Captive

Silver, Meg
Help Wanted

Smith, Debra
Transforming Love

Stacie, M.A.
Behind the Scandal (reluctance 2)
Beneath the Surface (reluctance 1)

Stewart, Lauren
Stone, Mara
The Billionaire's Daughter: Trilogy

Stonecross, Marilyn
Outlaw Scot and the Stolen Bride: A Highlander Romance short story

Strong, Mimi
The Walk-in : Borrowed Billionaire 1
Lexie Goes Shopping: Borrowed Billionaire 2
Return to Mr. Thorne: Borrowed Billionaire 3

Summers, Violet
Carrie's Answer (Worthington group 1)
Daniel's Surrender
Meredith's Awakening


Thomas, Kitty
The Auction

Turner, Alyssa
By Surprise
Double Take


Vane, Victoria
A Wild Night's Bride


Warren, Skye
Keep Me Safe

Winters, Pepper

Wright, Kenya
The Burning Bush (Santeria Habitat 2)
Caged view (Santeria Habitat 0.5)
Fire Baptized (Santeria Habitat 1)
Theirs to Play
Wildfire Gospel (Santeria Habitat 3)


Young, Samantha
On Dublin Street