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Blood Knot (ER, M, S, UF)
His Black Pearl (BDSM, C, DE, E, RT)
Move The Sun (C, BR, E, S)
One Ride (BR, C, ER, RS, S)
Raw (BDSM, C, DE, E, RT)
Theirs to Play (C, E)
Wildfire Gospel (ER, F, RT, S)

At His Request 2 (BDSM, C, E, S)

Against the Cage (ER)
At His Request 1 (BDSM, C, E, S)
Bound by Decency (H, RT, S)
Breaking the Nexus (ER, F, RS, S, UF)
By Surprise (C, ER, M)
Masters at Arms (BDSM, C, ER)
Nobody's Angel (BDSM, C, ER, S)
Predator's Kiss ( PNR, RT, S)
The Rebound (C, ER)

Power of the Moon (PNR, RM, S)

Caged Wolf (BR, ER, S, UF)
Compliments (C, NA)
Surrender (BDSM, C, ER, RM)

Breeding Cycle (ER, PNR, RS)
Captiva Captive (DE, E, PNR, RT, S)