I will tag my books following these criterias:

BDSM - books that includes bondage, Dominant/submissive relationships and sadism/mosochism

BR - bikers romance: books that have MC/bikers club as theme

CL - chic lit:  smart, fun fiction about woman of all ages

C - contemporary: romances that are set in present times

CR - cowboy romance: books that have cowboys and western stories as theme

DE - dark erotica: rough sex, non-consensual e dubious-consensual material, rape, kidnap, force seduction

E- erotica: usually the story of a person and it's journey,  not focus on the relationship, not focus on HEA

ER - erotic romance: is about building relationships, focus on love stories, on HEA

F - romantic fantasy: pertain other worlds, other realities, magical elements involved 

FU - futuristic: romances that are set in  the future

G - gothic: romantic horror fiction

H - historical: romances that are set in past times

LGBT - lesbian, gays, bisexual and transexual 

M - menage or more: 3 or more characters involved in a relationship

PNR - romantic paranomal: set in the real world, but with a little extra such as shifters and vampires, but                  without magical elements

RM - romantic mystery: when characters are occupied tracking down clues, about an event

RS - romantic suspense: when characters become aware of danger gradually

RT - romantic thriller: when characters are in danger from the outset of the story

S- series: when a book is part of a serie

ST- steampunk:  is a sub genre of sci-fi with steam powered machines, during 19th century mostly, alternative historical books

UF - urban fantasy: set in the real world, but with magical elements involved

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