I have created a system for myself:

A book can achieve a total of 24 stars.

23-24  5 stars review
20-22 4.5 stars review
17-19 4 stars review
14-16 3.5 stars review
11-13 3 stars review
8-10 2.5 stars review
5-7 2 stars review
2-4 1.5 stars review
1 - 1 star review
0 - DNF

I rate:


I analyze 4 criteria under each category:

Cover- Yes, I do buy many books only by it's cover, and I do judge it along with the title. 

4 stars - perfect cover, it makes my mouth water, or I can see the book in it after reading, I can guess the genre, the title is pertinent to the book, the way the image, title and author's name is shown doesn't have the letters shining brighter than the picture, etc.
3 stars - It's good! I like the picture, even though I cannot see so much of the book in it. 
2 stars - It's ok! It may have a good title and an ok picture, probably have a too big, or too small title and/or author's name on it. I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't a recommendation, or from an author I like, or a gift, or a ARC.
1 stars - Not good! I probably got this book as an ARC or is a continuing series that I love, or I was crazy to buy a book with such a horrible cover.

Plot: pace, keep me guessing, ended wanting more, creativity.

4 stars- Everything was perfect! Clean (no typo mistakes),  relevant,  perfect cohesively, with no week points.
3 stars - With three of the above.
2 stars - With only two of the above.
1 star- With only one of the above.

Characters - My favorite part of a book are the characters. If I love them, I will read a lackluster plot, but if I hate them, it will be hard to finish the book.

4 stars - They are real! They are like best friends, book boyfriends, I will miss them, and think about them sometime. I love, connect, relate and understand them.
3 stars - They are well developed. I probably didn't like one of the main characters as much as the other.
2 stars - The main characters are ok, but I was unable to connect and relate to them.
1 star -  Weak dialogue, felt fake, unreal, totally disagree with their actions.

Heat: I usually like some heat on my books, but if for some reason, I'm reading a book that doesn't have any and I had previous knowledge about that, it will be taken out of my review.

4 stars - Panty-wetter, cold-shower hot! Jumping my husband kind of scenes. Great descriptions, creativity, reality and new ideas.
3 stars - Three of the above.
2 stars - Two of the above.
1 star - One of the above.

Freshness: How original is this? How many times have I seen it before? 

4 stars: Wow! This is blowing my mind! How can someone be so so so creative.
3 stars: Something old, something new.
2 stars: A bit old, a bit boring.
1 star: Really, this again?

Addictiveness: Impossible to put down, impossible to forget!

4 stars: I couldn't sleep, eat, almost forgot about my children!
3 stars: Hard to put down, but I was able to sometimes.
2 stars: It was good while I was reading, but I've stopped a few times.
1 star: I could be doing something else right now!