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Review: Loose Morals


Title: Loose Morals
Author: Darling Adams
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, BDSM
Heat: 4 stars

Source: ARC provided by Bewitching Book Tours

Cover: 2 stars
Characters: 3 stars
Plot: 3 stars
Heat: 4 stars
Freshness: 4 stars
Addictiveness: 2 stars
Total: 3 stars (12/24)

One night, after leaving her work Sasha starts being followed by a vampire. Charlie believes she can free him of a century-long curse, his only problem is that the girl doesn't even know she is a witchling. Charlie decides to guide Sasha to find her powers and to submit to him. Is a match between a vampire and a witch made in heaven, or is this, their way into hell?

Ms. Adams has built an interesting world at Loose Morals. The plot is promising with some very new approaches to the paranormal world of vampires and witches. Her play on reincarnation and her add-on BDSM theme to this supernatural tale, it's also very creative. 

I like the idea of the Dom/sub relation and I like the description of the scenes. Ms. Adams passionate moments are scorching hot, without being vulgar. I only wish the sub had fight a little bit longer to the Dom's power on this relationship. If feels a bit unrealistic the way Sasha accepts Charlie's punishments from the beginning.

What I believe it's missing to the story is more extensive knowledge of the characters so the readers can relate,connect, and understand them. I would like to have known more about each character as individuals.

Loose Morals is a fast read with some fresh new ideas and very wicked scenes. I would recommend this book to those that enjoy paranormal reads with light BDSM, without expecting the very strict rules of the lifestyle.

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