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Review: The Circle Eight: Tobias

Rating: 3.5 stars
Title: Tobias
Series: The Ciirlce Eight #6
Author: Emma Lang
Genre: Historical Western Romance
Source: ARC provided by Bewitching Book Tours

Cover: 5 stars
Characters: 3.5 stars
Plot:3.5 stars
Heat: 2 stars
Freshness: 3 stars
Addictiveness: 3 stars

Total:(14/16) 3.5 stars

Rebecca Graham has chosen her prince when she was still a teen. Sadly he has proven to be a toad. Now, five years later, she is the town's healer, has a satisfying life, and has her heart locked inside of her chest. However, none of this prevents her for falling again for the same jerk.  Does she like to suffer? Can she avoid him? Or is destiny telling her they are fated to be together?

Tobias Gibson has been destined from birth to be a bad person. When his grandfather dies, he almost left earth with him. Five years later he has barely manage to survive. Living without proper hygiene, getting drunk all the time, has been his career for these last years. When tragedy hits his family once again, he decides to man-up and help out. What he is not expecting is life's curve ball in the form of his old love Rebecca Graham. Does a man deserves second chances? What about third? 

Tobias is the sixth book of a western series that involves a family of eight and the hard life at the 1800's. Haven't read previous books from this series, I believe I have miss some important facts of the family's history, that would definitely have enriched my read.

This book has a well written plot, with good characters and a great setting. Rebecca is a good example of a strong Texan woman that veers away from the standard to create a path for herself. Tobias, I have separated in two. The first-part-of-the-book Tobias, is not one that I like. Is a bit irrational, from my part but, I have a big thing with hygiene and cleanness, and just reading about him living in a shackle, pissing and pooping almost anywhere, was a bit of a turn-off for me. I know the building of this description has a point in the story, but it kept distracting me with out-of-places thoughts. The second-part-of-the-story Tobias, I like. He is a man looking for redemptions, better yet, he is a clean man, proactively going after redemption. 

Ms. Lang has catch my interest, and I'm really looking forward to read about Cat and Benji's books. In fact they are very appealing characters.Now, I know I'm going back to reading the previous books of the series, so I can better how the characters evolve through the time.

You may read this book because you've been following this series from the start; you should read this book because you like western romances; but you MUST read this book because you like to see someone break-out of their shell and rebirth!

"She thought she knew what love was, but she was so very wrong. It wasn't a fluffy, pretty cloud to catch and admire. It was an elemental connection between two hearts and souls, the essence of life.""

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