Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review: Crave: Tales of Vampire Romance

Rating: 4 stars

Title: Crave: Tales of Vampire Romance
Author: Marian Tee; Tabitha Conall; A.E. Grace; Alexis Dare; Claudia D. Christian; Selena Kitt; Michelle Fox; Abigail Graham
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: ARC provided by author in exchange of an honest review

Crave is a box set with eight stories of vampires. They are all sexy, hot and dangerous. Sometimes they mate with humans, sometimes they find in a different paranormal being their mate. But they are all fierce and passionate.

All of the novellas are well written with cohesive plot, sexy love making and a few craving bites. But what really has  me gushing about this box set, are the characters. Each and every one of them, from all the books, are amazing. They are all so easy to love and connect, that you end up understanding them and really believing them even though this is a paranormal being.

I also love box sets to get hooked with a new-to-me author, sometimes new-to-me series, and this one was no exception. I have added several new series to my TBR and I have joined several new newsletter after reading the set.

You may read this because you enjoy fast-reads; you should read this, because you can't get enough of vampires; but you MUST read this if you would like to experiment with paranormal romances and be awed by all the creativity that is out there!

"Then human beings came along and did something no other animal had done. They dreamed. Daydreams that become stories that became myths.""

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