Monday, November 10, 2014

Review: Karma

Rating: 4.5 stars

Title: Karma
Series: Karma #1
Author: Donna Augustine
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: ARC provided by Bewitching Book Tours

Cover: 4 stars
Characters: 5 stars
Plot: 4 stars
Freshness: 5 stars
Addictiveness: 4 stars
Total: (20/24) 4.5 stars 

Funny! Different! Unique! Unusual! Karma is nothing like you have ever read before!

A really bad day has put Camilla in a horrible situation. Times like these usually are not for major decisions such as  making deals and signing contracts. When she does that,  she ends up with the worst job ever. Her new place of business:

"This is building is owned by UFU, LLC. If you looked that name up on Google, UFU stands for Units for Use, LLC, but the real name is Unknown Forces of the Universe."
Her new supervisor is annoying, her coworkers are weirdos that dislike her and her partner makes her melt at the same time that freezes her.

"I'd decided this was a very short-term purgatory for making a bad knee jerk reaction when I'd known better. I could handle beachfront purgatory that came with gossip mags and cable."
Karma is a very well written story infused with humor and good laughs.  The idea behind it is amazingly creative and very unique. The plot plays with life's most intense topics in a light, fun way.
"There was something strangely comforting about the Reaper. I guess that was the dichotomy of death. Sometimes is was frightening but every now and then in the right moment in life, it was warm and welcoming.""
Ms. Augustine has got a new fan in me. I don't usually read books outside of the romance genre; even though Karma has a building romantic plot that maybe, will get more space in future books of the series, at this one, is just a whispering promise. It didn't made book less interesting for me.In fact, I've finished this book, wanting to read book two of the series right away.
You may read this because you enjoy urban fantasy; you should read this because you wanted to be awed, you MUST read this if you have a curious mind that enjoys out-of-the-box plots with great laughs thrown in! 

"I wasn't sure how much the universe liked me. Was it I'm head over heels for you, or more of a passing fancy without any real commitment? Did I want to find out while Fate was choking the life from me that the universe had found a new favorite?""

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