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Review: Move the Sun

Move the Sun (Signal Bend, #1)Move the Sun by Susan Fanetti
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars contemporary romance, bikers book, erotica, series
*warning: If you don't like violence this book is not for you*


Lilli has had a troubled past and suddenly shows up in a small town with secrets to hide. Isaac is the president of a bikers's club and sort of the sheriff of the town. There is no way he can allowed a threat to his town stay, and that is no way he can let Lilli keep her secrets. He needs to know it all. Their chemistry is amazing, but this would not stop him from doing his job. Will their lives mesh together or clash?

"He liked her. He would hate to hurt her. He would, if he had to. If she threatened his people or his town, he'd end her without hesitation. But he'd be unhappy about it.

Cover 2 stars

I don't like it. I don't think it has anything to do with this book. I would not buy this book by it's cover in a bookstore. I would look at it, wouldn't know it was a romance, would never guess it was a biker's book and not in a million years would have imagine the darkness of this book looking at this picture.
It seems like these people are riding scooters and not badass harleys.

characters 5 stars

Lilli: She is the perfect character. She is a badass. A good badass, though. She doesn't feel superior than anyone, she just is not used to need anyone, so she can do it all. She is hot, lethal and charming. No TSTL moment, which is very rare in a female contemporary character. I could relate, connect and understand her. Her love for running ( as in a sport) made us really close. :)

Isaak: Tall, dark and dangerous and much more. He was multi-dimensional. He was hot, lethal, smart and caring. He had a short temper, but he was not afraid of a woman that was his equal and maybe even more dangerous than him. All my love to him. Not an insecure jerk at all. HOT HOT HOT! OH, I could see the two of us in a battle of chess. I love chess!

secondary characters: So many good bikers that I would like to know more: Bart, Len, Victor, and Show, yes Show!

plot 5 stars

Ms. Fanetti offered me the world, at least the world of the perfect biker's club. I was totally in tuned with this biker's club. It was a small club, in a small town, that had all the main qualities to them. They were no patsies, but they were not a whole bunch of macho insensitve men. They were just the right amount of good and bad. They were hot!
It was a very easy story to follow, with an amazing flow to the plot. The book kept me guessing and it offered me moments of happiness and sadness. The intensity, oh it was INTENSE!
The intensity of the story grew from the beginning till the end perfectly. The author also brought in some minor troubles and a huge wave of doom for the future.
Ms. Fanetti blended it perfectly the first book with a continuation of a series. She offered a story with beginning and ending, but she allowed another major plot to grow along this lines, offering the reader glimpses of what is to come.
I've acquired major connections with the characters and I could completely believe this is something that could happen.

heat 5 stars

Was it hot? OH my, COLD-SHOWER HOT! They liked it rough, panty-wet rough.
I felt the sex scenes were original in their own way and it's description were perfect. The right amount of everything!

"How about this: we're a couple because we fuck like freight trains, and there ain't nobody else around can handle us."

freshness 5 stars

I don't think I have quite read anything like this before.
The heroine was almost like a PNR-heroine, without any TSTL moments. The hero is part of a chauvinistic life-style, but he dissociate himself from the stereotype. And the plot, is masterfully weaved for a series, without leaving the readers hanging at the end and I love a good serie.

editing 5 stars

I've mark only two typo mistakes and find this very refreshing. I love a book that I don't have to be rereading parts because I couldn't quite comprehend.

Impressions and Opinion

Even sweet, though, he made her scream.

It made me scream too! This book was amazing!

Bravo, Ms. Fanetti. Bravo!!!

I've become a fan only after one book from the author. I have to pace myself to do not read one book after the other, since I've found out that it's already on book 5 of the series.

I've noticed that I'm in a biker's book mode, and Ms. Fanetti's book is one of the main reasons why; it's too good.

This book offers everything that I enjoy in my read, a HOT alpha, a kick-ass heroine, very intense plot and a good series to come. OH, let's not forget lots of sex. Yes, but not out-of-the-context-sex, just amazing, meaningful sex scenes.

What are you waiting for? Get your own book and let "the sun move you" too!

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