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Review: Surrender

SurrenderSurrender by Tawny Taylor
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

ARC by NetGalley

BDSM, contemporary, erotic romance, romantic mystery


"Surrender" portraits the story of Abby, a girl that has never had an easy life. Her brother, once again, was involved in a messy situation and she had to go rescue him. To save her brother, Abby made a pact-with-the-devil sort of deal with her boss. While Abby and Kameron, her boss, enters a journey of self-discovery, several secrets starts to surface and soon they are not sure anymore whom to trust and whom to surrender. Will there be a future for them? Or they were doom from the beginning?


I would have stop by this book in a bookstore. Looking at it, I would have guessed this woman was a submissive.
I think this is a nice cover, with hidden meaning. It's classy!

Overall impressions

This was a slow-paced read for me. It had too many sub-plots, that ended up confusing the main plot a bit.
The story had several twists and it did keep me guessing.
I like the way the BDSM was introduce at the beginning of the book, I just wished it had became the main focus of the story.
The book presented a good flow of intensity level, and the climax of the story at the end was interesting.

The characters were a bit murky for me. The female had a few too many TSTL moments and the male were a not-so-sure Dom, which is not my favorite kind of Dominant.
Because of that I was unnable to connect with them, even though I sort of understood them at the end.

The heat originated in this book was really good. Even though the scenes were not particularly original, its description was spot-on, which generated the perfect amount of heat in the book.

The originality of the story was good, but it suffered form the lack of focus of the plot.


This book is a bit different than most BDSM stories, because it brought along a big mistery to be solved, while the couple tried a new BDSM-relationship.
Part of the life situations presented were very believable, but some were in shaky ground.

The book mystery gripped me from time to time and made me want to keep reading, but I finish the book wishing for more of the naughty-office-scenes.

I think this book is an ok read for a light-BDSM readers.


cover: 4 stars
characters: 3 stars
plot: 2 stars
heat: 5 stars
freshness: 3 stars
My overall ratings: 3 star

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