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Review: The Boss

The Boss (The Boss, #1)The Boss by Abigail Barnette
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars
Copy given by the author for an honest review
BDSM, erotic romance, series


Erin is a career woman looking for her big break at the fashion industry. She has been working at a major magazine for the last two years, but she hasn't done much more than buying coffee. Now that magazine has been sold and she has to meet her new boss.
Neil is a middle-aged billionaire working on his new pet project. He doens't instantly recognize a ghost from his past, but it's pretty happy to see her back in his life. Their chemistry is still there, but how to work around work ethics and age difference in the corporate world?
Fate has thrown them together twice, but how many chances does a couple need to know if they should be together or not?

cover 4 stars

I really like the cover. I love the black and white game, it makes it so classy. I like that we cannot see their faces, just a promise of heatness. I can see he is not "average Joe" by wearing a tux.

characters 5 stars

That's why I usually prefer long books, because good authors have the time to build their characters into multi-dimensional people, and I get to meet them and feel their emotions.

I love both characters. I did relate, connect and understand them both. I did not agree with all their choices, but I don't read a book to judge them, but to feel along with them. That I did.

Neil is rich, hot and a man that feels more comfortable within his Dom persona. He wants Erin, even though he is a bit uncomfortable with her age. He deals really well with her being a career woman.
Erin is young, but she know exactly what she wants out of life. She wants Neil, but she wants a career. That simple.

plot 4 stars

Oh my! This didn't start fast, no, it grew slowly into intesity, when I was least expecting the author threw a couple of twists along the way, that had me loosing my breath. Wow! I did not see that coming.
I don't know why, but I had the idea this book would be about exploring BDSM, but no. This book was about a couple and their journey to becoming one. BDSM it's just the cherry on the top of the cake.
Even though was a bit slow at the beginning, the story was easy to follow, it kept me guessing until the end and I want more now! Lucky for me, I have the next book on my kindle, or I would be a bit upset.
Yeah, I took out I whole star for a big cliffhanger, that I didn't know about, at the end.
But the book grab me, and I'm starting book two today.
The story is believable and you can relate to all the characters.
It was not a punch-in-the-gut type of story, but a gradually-built-intensity kind, and at the end I was out of breath trying to understand how I haven't seen all that coming.

heat 4 stars

A few original scenes, and all of them very tastefully crafted. A lot of in-house BDSM, some cool stuff.

fresh 3.5 stars

Yes, another billionaire-employee type of story, but with several twists artfully employed to bring out some new ideas.

Impressions and Opinion

Wow! I really had no idea that I would end this book with an WOW factor. It was a slow read for me at the beginning, and I believed that I knew what was coming. Major mistake!!!
I didn't agree with all the choices made by the characters, but I understood them and I relate to them.
Great writing! It simmered for a while and it only erupted at the end, a really amazing stew! lol

This books is for everybody that enjoys a love journey with some smut within.

WARNING: cliffhanger at the end!

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