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Review: The Girlfriend

The Girlfriend (The Boss, #2)The Girlfriend by Abigail Barnette

3 stars
Copy given by the author for an honest review
BDSM, erotic romance, book 2 of a series

WARNING: Don't read this book as a stand alone! You need book 1 to understand the plot.


After the huge cliffhanger on book 1, this book starts at the point ended previous book. Sophie had just decided to have an abortion and finds out Neil has cancer.
This book will be a journey between BDSM and cancer.

Cover 3 stars

I like the cover. I like the play with black and white, and reading the book I understand why that's only the woman on the cover.


I like Neil, and I like his daughter. I understand and connect with him. He is a very deep character, and the way he decides to face life is very courageous.
I'm a detail person, and I love to know my characters well, to feel their emotions, Ms.Barnette does this perfectly.
I like the world Ms. Barnette created and I like the intensity progression of the story.
The heat was really good, and the scenes were well descripted.
There is a big feel of originality to this series, that talks about BDSM ,but is not the main focus; the couple's journey is the main focus of this series.

I didn't like so much

I really enjoyed book 1 and I finish reading expecting so many things, I guess I was a bit disappointed on how many of my questions from book one were dealt on this book.
First of all, I didn't love Sophie on book one, this book made me dislike her a bit more.
I understand the need of abortion in several cases, I do not agree with the abortion that happened in this book. A twenty four year old WOMAN that loves to tell play the independence act, was irresponsible and decides "oh, this is an inconvenience, I'm not talking about it, I'm just getting rid of this, but that's ok, you can pay for it"; it doesn't work for me. She was irresponsible and she should take responsibility for her acts.
I also didn't like the whole description of the day, the fact that such an important matter was taken so lightly.
I also have found Sophie immature, shallow and selfish.
The way Sophie is dealing with Neil's money is annoying, and the fact the character keeps pointing out how independent she is, when she is living with her billionaire boyfriend and doesn't want to spend his money is very annoying.

I understand how a lot of couples sees the sharing into a monogamous relationship, but I felt it was tasteless the way they played the cancer and Sophie's mindset with her sexual needs.

Also the way Sophie became an "it-thing" through youtube was not very believable.


I am going to read book 3, but I really hope Sophie will grow up until then.

I'm looking forward to see more of good characters such as Emma, Rudy, Holli, and Valerie.

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