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Review: Mr. Perfect

Mr. PerfectMr. Perfect by Linda Howard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars
re-read, first-time review
contemporary romance, romantic suspense


One usual friday night, Jaine and her friends create a list called Mr. Perfect. It's a joke that turns into a headache. First it's published on their work internal memo, then make the city news, until it's on national television. All this is happening while she is getting used to her new home, having the hots for her neighbor and is taking care of her parents cat and car.
Will Jaine ever find her Mr. Perfect?

Characters 5 stars

Jaine is a fun, kick-ass heroine. She is not afraid of showing her weakness and she is not afraid of trying.
Sam is hot, dark and dangerous. Really, he is caring, fun and wicked.
Secondary characters are also really good.
They are easy to understand, connect and love.

plot 5 stars

Linda Howard creates a fast-paced novel that you can't put it down. It keeps you guessing, builds appropriately in intensity and it's climax is unexpected. You finish the book wanting more, even though the author does not leave any loophole on the plot.
It's a story you can relate because it's very believable.

heat 3 stars

The chemistry between characters is intense. Their first kiss is scorching hot and their first time really good also.

freshness 5 stars

The plot is interesting and the twist amazing. Really well created.

editing 5 stars

No problems that I remember.

Impressions and Opinion

This is one of my favorite re-reads because the characters are very well crafted and I feel like I would love to be friends with them.
The suspense created by Ms. Howard is intense and several times you are surprise with a new twist.

This book is for everybody that likes a good hot romance, with a good mystery to solve.

"At the moment, he kinda knew how the male praying mantis felt when he
was approaching Ms. Mantis, knowing the sex was going to be great but he was going to gethis head bitten off.
Ah, well. Some things were worth losing your head."

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